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Cory Computer Systems

Earl S. Cory


Provide consulting services for technical groups within complex computing environments. This includes System and Security Management, Operations, Software Development, Database Administration, License Management, Customer Support, System and Operation Documentation, Configuration Management, Web Design, and Web Mastering.  Support of Cerner and SMS Health Care Systems.

Extensive experience with mini-computers, personal computers, clusters, hardware, and operating systems. Over 20 years experience in System Administration and Engineering.

Have managed, taught, used, and/or developed applications for various computer systems from several vendors, including Digital (Compaq), Apple, and IBM.

Managed, designed, developed, documented, and implemented systems, application, security, database, and configuration management software and projects. Developed commercial and private web sites for both Internet and Intranet access.


August 1978 - Present

Miles Amen & Associates, Professional Consultants Network, Inc., System Integrated Solutions, Inc.; Executive Directions Consulting, Inc.; Axis Consulting International, Inc.; JCC Consulting, Inc.; DMR Inc.; Amanuensis Computer Systems, Inc.; Cory Computer Systems

Saint Mary’s Health Network May 1997 - Present   Public Storage Inc. Jul 1991- May 1992
Marin General Hospital April 1997 - Present   Northrop Ventura Nov 1990-Jan 1991
Apple Computers Feb 1996 - Mar 1997   DSI Inc. Oct 1990 - Jan 1991
Marin General Hospital Nov 1994 – Feb 1996   Pleasant Valley School District 1983
Chiron Corporation Sep 1994 - Nov 1994   Al Palmer Associates Jun 1982 - 1986
Intel Corporation Jun 1994 - Jul 1994   Marion Computing Services Nov 1981 - Jun 1982
ASK/INGRES Corporation Apr 1994 - Jun 1994   Wallace Machinery, Inc. Aug 1978 - Jun 1980
Intel Corporation Apr 1994 - Jun 1994   Science Center/Rockwell Int. Jan 1980-Jan 1982
Rite Rug Sep 1993 - Nov 1993   Stanwick Corporation 1980-1981
South Central Power Jul 1993 - Sep 1993   Fluid Kinetics Corporation 1979-1986
The Limited Corporation Jan 1993 - Jun 1993   Ventura Community College 1976-1979

Consultant and Contractor for:

Budgeting I. S. Administration Product Support Networking
Configuration Management Software Development Implementation Resource System Management
Documentation System Administration Site Preparation System Security
Hardware Specifications System Integration Software Design Database Administration
Management Web Site Design Web Site Development Operations
System Tuning Product Development Capacity Planning CASE Tools
  • Perform MIS Administration, system generation, management, tuning, capacity planning, resource allocation, and general software maintenance and installation. Specify laboratory and business computer installations as to plant layout, physical environment, security, and hardware configuration. Consulted on major toll road and bridges in the U.S.
  • Design, develop, and manage commercial internet and intranet web sites.  Train users in the principles of networks, web servers, and web site design.  Train in the use of IIS, Microsoft FrontPage, and JavaScripting.
  • Perform Database Administration for multiple INGRES installations in production, development and test environments. Work with, write, and tune various database structures and applications. These include relational, hierarchical, and network DBMSs on OpenVMS and UNIX platforms. Provide INGRES/Network management and analysis.
  • Design, develop, document, and implemented business and system management software for OpenVMS, UNIX, RSX-11M, RSTS/E, and RT-11. Develop specialized business, database, network monitoring, and engineering software. Document database installations, general system configuration, trouble shooting techniques, and documentation methods.
  • Instruct clients in the methods of configuration management, documentation, database administration, and software development for multi-platform systems. Provided formal training for database administration, troubleshooting, and documentation methods.


Responsible for over 100 Internet and Intranet Web Sites, the following are examples:

Other active and under development sites and can be viewed at http://corycomputersystems.com/clients/