Consulting Services

Cory Computer Systems

Internet training, hardware installation and computer related services

When considering a web site, ask yourself:

"Do I want to design and maintain web sites or run my company?"

This is not as simple a question as it sounds.  But that is a subject we can discuss over lunch.

Cory Computer Systems Consulting Services can help you answer this and many more questions that arise when considering web site design, networking, and general computing services.

Things to think about:
With millions of internet users already on-line, and more signing up every day, now is the time to establish your presence on the web and become familiar with the online community.

Put all the computers and printers in your organization to use by networking them together to share these resources.

Our services include:
  • Web Design
  • Internet Training
  • E-mail setup and training
  • Software installation and training
  • DSL, modem installation or upgrade
  • Hardware Installation
  • Hardware, memory upgrades
  • Home and small business networking
  • Network hardware and cabling installation
  • E-Commerce Storefronts