Cory Computer Systems

"Web Design with the Small Business in Mind"

Complete web site design, text, graphics, navigation, background, and uploading the site -- $120 per hour. Web Services can be provided on a per-project basis. Send an e-mail explaining what your needs are, and we will provide a free estimate which will include all charges.
You will need a web server to host your site so it will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hosting prices will vary depending on the type of service and amount of space the web site will require. Access fees for a World Wide Web server are as low as $10 per month from us. See our hosting fee schedule for a full explanation.
Domain Name Registration
VeriSignThe price for registering your domain name with Network Solutions, a VeriSign Corporation,  is $70 for the first two years and $35 per year for each year after.  Rates for multiple year renewal are available at lower cost.  Billing done by Network Solutions.
Satisfaction Guarantee
We don't expect you to pay your money and take your chances. If you provide us with the necessary information about your business, your logo and some photographs, we can provide a draft version and an estimated cost for completion. If you like what we have, you send us a check as a deposit and agree to pay the total cost once your site is uploaded and functional. If you don't like what we have done in the draft, and do not wish to pursue the project, all you have to do is tell us and you will owe nothing.